U-Type Fasteners

U-Type Fasteners

U-Type Speed Nuts
perform the same fastening functions as the J-Type, but are used where a full bearing surface on the lower leg is desired. they are self-retained in screw-receiving position to provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels and cannot turn as the screw is driven.

Corrosion presents no problem, as the Speed Nut will not freeze on screw threads. In fact, the Speed Nut impression actually cleans out rust, dirt or paint clots from the screw threads as they are removed.

The dimensions of the parts listed are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, please contact us.

U-Type Nut Retainers offer the same advantages as the J-Type Nut Retainers. That is, heavy-duty fastening, low fastener profile, "float" for hole misalignment, self-retention and blind location fastening. With the full-sized lower leg, the U-Type Nut Retainer is preferred where a full bearing surface between the panels is desired. They are applied simply and quickly in center, or end-panel location requiring no special skills or equipment.

How to apply U-Type Nut Retainers

Position the second panel and drive the screw. Both hands are free to align panels and complete the assembly. Flush mounting is attained by embossing either panel.

Push into position until extrusion on lower leg snaps into screw hole. The Speed Nut &ldq