J-Type Speed Nut fasteners press easily into self-retained position over panel edges or in center-panel locations. They are ideally suited for blind assembly or hard-to-reach installation. Offer floating alignment to speed production and lessen rejections.

No special tools, skills or equipment is required. Riveting, welding, clinching, staking and other secondary fastening devices are eliminated.

J-Type Speed Nuts can be applied after painting or porcelainizing panels eliminating the need for masking or retaping operations.

The J-Type Nut Retainer combines a spring steel retainer with a multiple-threaded nut to provide an ideal fastener for heavy duty applications requiring high torque tightening, low fastener profile, "float" for hole misalignment and blind assembly. They are easily snapped over panel edge or inserted into rectangular holes in central-panel locations. Floating alignment and retention are attained with extrusions in the retaining legs which snap into panel mounting holes allowing the fastener to shift or align, but not disengage. Applied after painting or porcelainizing, J-Type Nut Retainers eliminate the need for masking or retapping clogged threads.

How to Apply J-Type Nut Retainers
Push into position with thumb, snapping extrusion into hole. Short leg of J-Type Speed Nuts allows complete visibility of clearance hole while nut is being positioned.

Place second panel in position and drive the screw. Access to opposite side is unnecessary. Flush mounting can be attained by embossing either panel.

J-Type Speed Nuts can also be installed in center-panel locations through a rectangular hole as shown above. They are ideal for blind application and fastening.