Wire and Tube Retainer


How to apply Polyclamp Fasteners
The "expander" fastener is simply snapped into a 1/4" diameter panel hole from the front side. Retaining tab on fastener permits preassembly in any position. The fastener's strap wraps around the wire bundle, etc. and the lock pin fastens by pressing to the bottom as shown. Entry of fastener enlarges the expander behind the panel for firm, positive retention.

How to apply the fastener's Adjustable Straps: 
Adjustable Ratchet Strap fasteners simplify and speed the securing of cables, wire bundles or irregular shapes. These fasteners feature an integral locking head with flexible pawl that engages the strap ratchet teeth for a fast and secure lock at the desired diameter. Strap of fastener is simply wrapped around bundle, inserted in the slot of the lock head then zipped tight against the bundle. That's it.

Quick Release - Forcing fastening tab backwards frees pawl fastening from ratchet.