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Button Head Dart Fasteners

Button Head Dart Fasteners

These versatile plastic fasteners offer many diversified applications possibilities. These fasteners may be used for light retention and as bumpers, hole plugs, bearings or spacers. Ideally suited for simplified fastening assembly of products shipped knocked-down for consumer assembly. Available in different materials, fastener head types and panel ranges.

In addition to the inherent advantages of fasteners that are corrosion-proof, Button Head Dart fasteners are shock and vibration resistant, and will not work loose.

How to apply Button Head Dart Fasteners
Position Button Head of fasteners in mounting hole of panel or components to be fastened. The tapered Dart guide panels into alignment as each fastener is seated. This leaves only the smooth Button Head of each fastener exposed.


Button Head Dart Fastener
  Button Head Dart Fastener

The dimensions of the parts listed are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, please Contact us

Metric parts listed in italic

  Part Number P Panel
A E E1 Material (Natural)
  C61546AD-028 .035-.100 Std. .420 .475 .100 Polypropylene
  C61546AG-028 .035-.100 Std. .420 .475 .100 Acetal
  C62182AG-035 .035-.100 A .305 .475 .050 Acetal
  C61809AA-035 .035-.100 B .562 .475 .055 Nylon
  C62366AA-152M 1.520-2.540 A 11.310 15.110 1.602 Nylon
  C61785AA-060 .060-.100 A .445 .595 .062 Nylon
  C61622AA-130 .130-.180 Std. .420 .555 .100 Nylon
  C61622AG-130 .130-.180 Std. .420 .555 .100 Acetal
  C61375AA-170 .170-.234 A .420 .595 .050 Nylon
  C61375AG-170 .170-.234 A .420 .595 .050 Acetal
  C61612AA-170 .170-.234 A .445 .595 .062 Nylon
  C61612AD-170 .170-.234 A .445 .595 .062 Polypropylene
  C61758AA-170 .170-.234 A .445 .595 .062 Nylon
  C61758AG-170 .170-.234 A .445 .595 .062 Acetal
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