Nut Retainers


Nut Retainers

Tinnerman® Nut Retainers combine the best advantages of spring steel fasteners with the high strength of a multi-threaded nut. They snap readily into bolt-receiving position at panel, edges or center-panel locations and retain themselves in place. Their application does not require special tools or skills, eliminating the need for special operations. They can be appllied at any convenient spot along the assembly line after painting or porcelainizing, thus elimi-nating the need for masking or retapping clogged threads. The nut floats within the spring steel cage more than enough to offset normal hole misalignment. No other line of heavy duty fasteners offers so many advantages for blind location assembly.

How to apply Nut Retainers:

One retaining leg of the Nut Retainer is inserted in the panel hole. The other leg is snapped in place with a simple tool.

The second panel is then aligned and the bolt is started into the threads of the captive nut.

The Nut Retainer, being self-retained in a square hole, cannot turn as the bolt is tightened. Positive, high torque attachment is the result.