W-Type Fasteners
W-Type Fasteners

Material: All parts are Spring Steel, heat treated, unless otherwise specified. The only
variations available are those shown with suffix letters in the part number.
  • SS - Stainless Steel
  • BE - Beryllium Copper
  • P - Phosphor Bronze

W-Types are used in place of Flat-Type Speed Nut Fasteners when it is necessary to turn the nut to tighten. The turned-up wing at each end provides a gripping surface to facilitate turning the fasteners.

The wing can also serve to retain the fasteners in screw-receiving position. Compressed within a channel or saddle bracket, they hold the fasteners firmly in place for blind-location attachments. Spring tension forces assure vibration-proof assembly.

A few of these W-Type Fasteners are modified to permit side application to the bolt. This feature saves assembly time when long threaded members are used. Pressed on the thread at the desired location, two or three turns tightens the fastener in place.

How to apply W-Type Speed Nut Fasteners

W-Types are applied in much the same way as Flat-Types. The nut is held in screw-receiving position with prongs pointing away from the screw as it is started through the impression. Where threaded studs are used, however, the W-Type can be started over the stud, spun to bottom position and locked with a few quick turns using wrench or pliers.

W-Type Fasteners W-Type Fasteners

The dimensions of the parts listed are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, please
 contact us.


Metric parts listed in italic

  Part Number Screw Size Design Variation A
T Material
  C1890-4Z 4B Std. .350 .280 .120 .020
  C224-632 6-32 Std. .350 .280 .120 .017
  C224-6Z 6B Std. .350 .280 .120 .022
  C6439-6Z 6B Std. .360 .280 .120 .022
  C221-832 8-32 Std. .340 .280 .120 .017
  C221-8A 8A Std. .340 .280 .130 .025
  C335-1024 10-24 C .670 .440 .110 .022
  C8780-017 1/4-20 C .750 .630 .320 .017
  C6325-1420 1/4-20 E 1.010 .880 .240 .025
  C6325SS-1420 1/4-20 E 1.010 .880 .240 .025
  C6325-5618 5/16-18 E 1.020 .880 .240 .028
  C6325-3816 3/8-16 E 1.020 .880 .240 .028