Multiple Impression-Type Speed Nuts

Multiple Impression-Type Speed Nuts®

Multiple Impression-Type Speed Nuts® combine three or more Speed Nut® impressions in one unit. This design allows for a reduction in parts handling and stock inventory and results in easier and quicker assembly.

They are available in a variety of center-to-center spacings, in length up to 140 feet, and with or without clearance holes for plain or countersunk-head rivets.

How to apply Multiple-Impression Speed Nut Fasteners

Like the Twin Type Speed Nut, the Multiple Impression is held in screw-receiving position and the screws are started by hand. After starting two or three screws at various intervals along the strip, the fastener is held in correct alignment to finish the assembly leaving both hands free to start and drive the remaining screws.

Because of the generous lead of the Speed Nut impression, A-Type screws and Z-Type screws with A Points can be power driven into place