U-Type Speed Clip Fasteners

Metal U Clips (U-Type Speed Clip Fasteners)

Tinnerman® metal U clips, also known as U-type speed clip fasteners, snap easily over metal, plastic, or wooden panels to provide a strong clamping action for firm, vibration-free assembly. These fasteners are self-sufficient, requiring no holes, screws, welds, rivets, or other secondary fastening devices. U clips are low cost, removable and reusable, requiring only the simplest assembly procedure. Turned-up lead lips on one or both legs allow fast assembly over the panel edges. Some fasteners are equipped with barbs for positive retention of the panel.

Depending upon design, the fasteners can be used to clamp or hinge panels together, provide a removable spring catch, apply delicate spring tension on fragile surfaces, secure light components within cavities, etc. Fastening applications for these heat-treated, spring steel speed clips are limited only by the imagination.

How to Apply U Shaped Clips:
• Align panel to be secured and lead U clip over the edges at a slight angle.
• Once both legs are started over the panel, simply press until fully seated.