Tinnerman Cable Clamp
Tubing Clamp Fasteners

Tinnerman® metal cable, wire, and tubingclamp fasteners for mounting tube, conduit, cable, wire, or other cylindrically-shaped objects are available in a wide range of diameters, with standard sizes ranging from .062" to 2.000" in diameters. Larger fastener sizes are available on special order. Made of top quality materials, Tinnerman tube clamps provide strong, reliable retention and assure dimensional stability.

Available with dipped or extruded flame-resistant neoprene cushion to protect against abrasion or chafing, these fasteners can also be supplied with a self-retaining speed nut fastener on one leg for easier, vibration-resistant installations. This feature offers a tremendous advantage in close quarters, where loose or separate parts - such as nuts and lock washers -create excessive handling of small parts and unnecessary delays. The design of these metal clamps makes them the ideal answer when you need a cable clamp solution.

Special tubing clamp fasteners and custom designs can be developed to meet unique fastening requirements. Many examples of this are shown here and on the following pages.

How to Use Cable Clamps
The standard tubing clamp fastener is formed to allow application over its prescribed tube diameter at any desired location without undue distortion. Once positioned on the tube, the screw is driven