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Tinnerman Hose Clamps & Pipe Clips

Hose Clamps

A hose clamp is ideal for securing low-pressure air, vent, or drain lines and hoses. Lightweight, one-piece hose clamp fasteners do not require bolts, nuts, or thumb screws. Each hose clamp features a ratchet-toothed locking mechanism which offers adjustability to cover a wide range of hose diameters. A hose clamp is a removable, reusable, and reliable fastener.

Bolt Products carries a large selection of Tinnerman hose clamps, as well as pipe clips, hose plugs, and other related products. Use the "Help Me Choose" button above to find the right hose clamp, hose plug, pipe clip, or other product for your needs.

How to Apply A Hose Clamp:

Pull ends apart. Hose clamp may be expanded to allow installation from side, rather than end, of hose, as needed.

Wrap hose clamp around hose with toothed end beneath. Pre-latch by compressing until last  ratchet teeth catch behind small tabs.

Grip adjacent bridges of hose clamp with pliers and compress to tight position. Pliers can be held parallel to hose where space is limited. Do not over tighten, as this may cause hose to crack, puncture, or collapse.

To remove hose clamp, lift locking tongue with screwdriver.



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