Wire Harness Clamps
Wire Harness Clamps
Tinnerman® wire harness clamps provide fast, easy, reliable attachment of wire and wire harness from .062" to 1.562" O.D. Made of aircraft quality aluminum or spring steel, they are available in a variety of styles. These fasteners have an integral latching feature, enabling the clamp to be pre-assembled to the harness as it is being made up on the harness board. Some are designed with a quick-disconnect feature, allowing the clamp to be opened without removing the anchoring screw once it has been installed. A further refinement on some clamps is a two-station latch that permits a wider range in harness diameters.

Flame-resistant neoprene cushion (dipped or extruded) protects the wire from abrasive wear. The standard ribbed cushion offers extra protection and will accommodate a wider range of harness diameters to further reduce parts inventory. Bare clamps can be provided where desirable.

How to apply Harness Clamps
Tinnerman harness clamps are pre-assembled to the harness by compressing the legs until they latch. The clamps hold themselves in place on the harness until it can be positioned on the panel or bulkhead and the anchoring screws driven. Clamps that latch independently of the anchoring screw can be unlatched to service the harness without removing the clamp from the panel.
One such variation, shown above, illustrates the interlocking tongue and slot design that cannot spring open accidentally. To unlatch the clamp, deliberate diagonal pressure is applied to align the locking tongue and T-slot for quick release. Reversing the procedure permits easy, dependable reinstallation without tools or special equipment.
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