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Structural Products

Wire Clamps & Cable Clips

Wire Clamps & Cable Clip Fasteners are the ideal fastener solution for attaching, supporting or mounting cables, tubes, conduits, hoses, wires and wire harnesses. 

  • Wire clamps & cable clips provide strong, reliable retention.
  • Wire clamps & cable clips maintain dimensional stability.
  • Wire clamps & cable clips work with a wide range of diameters.
  • Wire clamps & cable clips reduce parts handling and speed the assembly process.
  • Wire clamps & cable clips are conveniently removed and reused as needed.

In addition to our clamps, wire clamps, hose clamps, and cable clips, we offer an extensive selection of standard fastener and special fastener designs to fit a wide range of diameters and application requirements. These include tube clamps, harness clips, and clutch-type clamps.

Wire clamps and cable clips offer the most efficient means of securing cable, wire and tubing safely away from danger areas. These Clamps & Cable Clips are made of high carbon, heat-treated Spring Steel. They are one-piece and self-retaining in most cases, required only a mounting hole, flange end or panel edge for fast, easy installation. Our wire clamp & cable clip fasteners are available in several standard designs for a wide range of line diameters and panel thickness. Many wire clamp & cable clip fasteners have a rolled edge as an added safeguard against fraying or chafing. Our fasteners can also be supplied with a dipped neoprene cushion.

We also supply stow jack bolts. These 3-piece bolt fasteners feature specially threaded bolts that can be used to attach multiple components. Stow jack bolts are commonly used for stowing car jacks and spare tires in a single set up.

How to apply Cable-Type clip fasteners:

Though quick and simple to install, our wire clamps & cable clips provide positive retention for reliable, trouble-free service.

Cable clip fasteners provided with a self-retaining "heel and toe" impression are simply positioned in the mounting hole. Pressure at the back of the clip forces it forward until the "heel" snaps into lock position. The cable, wire, etc. is then installed for final assembly.

To remove "heel and toe" Clip fasteners simply raise the fastener with a simple tool to release the "heel" and press rearward to disengage the toe. These fasteners can be re-used indefinitely. Fastener types with "U" shaped retaining legs are pressed over panel or flange ends and lock firmly in place.

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