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Olympic Bulb-tite Rivets

Olympic Bulb-Tite Rivet Blind Rivets Diagram
HOW THE BULB-TITE RIVET WORKS: During installation the rivet body folds into three separate legs, forming the blind-side upset head. The Bulb-tite mandrel breaks off *flush with the rivet head.
bulbtdim *Flush mandrel break requires use of special Bulb-tite installation tool nose tip.

WEATHER TIGHT: A special nose tip on the blind rivet installation tool crimps a crown feature on the blind rivet head. This crown-crimp effectively seals the rivet bore off from intrusion of dirt and moisture. Adding the optional washer to the Bulb-tite, creates an additional seal around the perimeter of the rivet head, to stop moisture from intruding beneath the rivet head.

HIGH STRENGTH: Another benefit of the Bulb-tite rivet’s retained mandrel core is the added strength it provides. Bulb-tite rivets are less prone to failure in high shear loads.

HIGH CLAMPING: The large three-legged upset head evenly distributes the Bulb-tite blind rivet's high clamp load over a broader bearing surface than do conventional blind rivets. This enables soft, thin, ductile and even brittle materials to be securely clamped without deformation, cracking or other damage to the application.

HARD-TO-FASTEN APPLICATIONS: Bulb-tite blind rivets function well in materials where other fasteners fail. The folded legs individually conform to curved surfaces enabling fastening onto pipes, corrugations and other challenging shaped applications. Oversized or elongated holes can be adequately covered by the large leg formations to resist pull through under stress in high tension-load applications.

MULTI-GRIP CAPABILITY: Each Bulb-tite handles a wide variation in material thickness. Most sizes fasten over a 1/4" thickness range. Fewer blind rivet sizes may be required resulting in reduced inventory requirements and simplified fastener selection.

CHOICE OF FINISHED APPEARANCE: Bulb-tite blind rivets are offered in a variety of head styles. Standard Dome, Low Profile, Large Flange and Countersunk head styles are available. Color matched plastic finish caps can be snapped onto certain Bulb-tite head styles to conceal installed blind rivet heads. The unique Shaveable Head Bulb-tite was specifically designed for use in heavy truck and trailer applications where solid blind rivets are used. They are ideal for repair of solid blind riveted assemblies where access to the application's blind side may be no longer accessible. The Shaveable Bulb-tite blind rivet head is finished using a special head-shaving tool. Shaved Bulb-tite blind rivet heads then match the appearance of solid rivets in the assembly.

MATERIAL CHOICES: The standard Bulb-tite blind rivets are made of aluminum alloy, providing a durable non-rusting fastener that can withstand weather-related corrosion. Some Bulb-tite sizes are also available in steel and monel materials where higher strength is required.
Bult-tite Part Numbers Part Numbers

A - Body Diameter
B - Head Height
D - Head Diameter
F - Blind Side Protrusion
L - Rivet Body Length
Grip Range Hole Size
Drill No.
Dimensions (Inches) Typ. Strengths (lbs.)
D B A L F Shear Tensile
3/16" RV6601-0604 .106-.250 .209-.221


.205 .103 .372 .750 .935 740 460
RV6601-0606 .187-.375 .875 1.060
RV6601-0608 .312-.500 1.000 1.185
RV6601-0610 .437-.625 1.125 1.310
RV6601-0612 .563-.750 1.250 1.435
1/4" RV6601-0804 .150-.250 .250-.263


.246 .147 .480 .795 1.005 1100 675
RV6601-0806 .187-.375 .920 1.130
RV6601-0808 .250-.500 1.045 1.255
Low Profile Flat Head 5/32" RV6602-0504 .125-.250 .162-.167


.161 .043 .367 .770 .862 465 245
RV6602-0506 .187-.375 .832 .987
RV6602-0508 .250-.500 .957 1.112
3/16" RV6602-0604 .125-.250 .209-.221


.205 .057 .443 .750 .935 740 460
RV6602-0606 .187-.375 .875 1.060
RV6602-0608 .250-.500 1.000 1.185
RV6602-0610 .375-.625 1.125 1.310
RV6602-0612 .500-.750 1.250 1.435
Dome Head
Protruding Crown
5/32" RV6604-0504 .067-.250 .162-.167


.161 .069 .343 .770 .925 465 245
RV6604-0508 .250-.500 .957 1.112
3/16" RV6604-0603 .050-.187 .209-.221


.205 .088 .443 .687 .872 740 460