Tapping, Thread Cutting and Machine Screws

machine screws and tapping screws

Bolt Products Inc. stocks screws of all sizes, shapes, types and materials. Whatever fastening challenges your designs may pose, Bolt Products Inc. can help you find the right tapping, thread cutting or machine screw for any application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or use the “Help Me Choose” guides below to determine what type and size of screw will work best for your operation.

Screw Thread Types

These are the three types of screws with and different screw threads:
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Screw Head Type Screw Point type
Each screw’s thread must be matched with a specific head.
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• Acorn Screw Head • Binding Screw Head • Fin Screw Head
• Fillister Screw Head • Flat Screw Head • Hexagon Screw Head
• Indented Screw Head • Lentil Screw Head • One Way Screw Head
• Oval Screw Head • Pan Screw Head • Indented Hexagon Screw Head
• Shoulder Screw Head • Spanner Screw Head • Round Screw Head
• Truss Screw Head • Washer Screw Head • Square Screw Head
There are many different screw points/tips to choose from:
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• Pinch screw Point
• Rolled screw Point
• Header screw Point
• Dog screw Point
• Coned screw Point
• Cupped screw Point
• Round screw Point
• Nail screw Point

Screw Thread Lengths
Each screw thread can vary in length from 1/16th to 6 inches and in any increments of 1/16".

Screw Thread Diameters
Thread diameters may range from 1/16 to 1" and in any increments of 1/16th.

Other considerations when selecting tapping, thread cutting and machine screws are hole sizes, torque performance and factors such as types of corrosion and plating options.

Download the Screw Selection Guide A summary screw selection guide.

Download the Screw Selection Guide A COMPLETE Screw Engineering Guide covering all issues.