Plow Bolts Dome Head Plow Bolt

DOME HEAD PLOW BOLTS are specially designed to provide added ease of assembly and greater resistance to failure in service as compared to a standard flat head design.

  • Thicker domed head provides greater wear resistance.
  • Specialized head diameter provides for a tighter fit in countersunk holes.
  • Deeper depth of square provides fuller engagement.
  • Smaller transition angle on the corners of the square provides for a greater resistance against spinning in the hole during installation.
  • Tighter tolerance on the body diameter for sizes 5/8 and larger, minimizes the potential of the bolt moving in the hole, which can result in the assembly coming loose and causing rounding out of the installation holes.

#3 Dome Head Plow Bolt Material and Physical Properties are to SAE J429 Grade 8

  • Grade 8: Alloy Steel
  • 150,000 psi minimum Tensile Strength
  • Rc 33 / 39 Rockwell Hardness