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Palnut® Acorn Type Self Threaders

Tinnerman® and Palnut® Stud Receivers are ideal for applications using plain unthreaded studs such as rivets, die cast studs, tubing, nails, rods, etc. The benefits of these fasteners include:
  • Ease of application- fasteners quickly zip over unthreaded studs.
  • Positive retention, even on very smooth, hard surfaces.
  • Vibration-proof attachment.
  • Versatility- These fasteners can be made permanent or removable, as the product requires, by using the proper fastener or stud modification.
  • Reduction of parts handling, eliminating the need for special nuts, threaded collars and washers.
Design variations of our stud receivers are numerous- they can be ordered to fit over a wide range of stud sizes and shapes.
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