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Home » Nylon Fasteners from Heyco Wiring Solutions | Bolt Products

Nylon Fasteners from Heyco Wiring Solutions | Bolt Products

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Liquid Tight Fittings and Conduits
IEC Connectors/ Components
Strain Reliefs
Bushings and Plugs
Wire Termination
Wire Positioning
Cordset Components

Heyco Nylon Fastener Products

Bolt Products Inc. is an authorized Heyco Wiring Solutions distributor and supplier of Heyco fasteners. The Heyco product line offers a complete selection of nylon strain relief, wire termination and routing, terminal block, and electrical nylon fasteners. This is complimented by a complete line of nylon hole plugs and specialty line of nylon fastener plugs. We know Heyco is the brand you trust for Nylon fasteners, so contact us today for a quote.

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Liquid Tight Fittings and Conduits    ^top
Right Angle Fittings PG
Right Angle Fittings NPT
Flex I-Fittings
Flex II-Tubings
Flex V-Slit Tubing
FlexNylon Snap-In
FlexNylon Straight
FlexNylon Sweep
Flex III Halogen Free Straight
Flex IV Nylon Straight/Snap-In
Flex Mounting Brackets/Knock-Out Seals
Sealing Washers
Liquid Tight Straight-Thru Fittings
Liquid Tight Straight-Thru Fittings For Flexible Cords
Liquid Tight Pigtail Fittings
Liquid Tight Pigtail Fittings For Flexible Cords
Steel Straight Connectors - PG Thread Caps
Metal Cord Grip Fittings
PG Hub Liquid Tight Fittings - Labkit
Straight Quick Twist Connector (snap and NPT threaded)
Sweep Quick Twist Connector (snap and NPT threaded)
IEC Connectors/Components    ^top
IEC 320-C12 Power Inlet Connectors
IEC 320-C14 Snap In Power Inlet Connector
PCB Mounting Power Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C8 Low Current Power Connector
IEC 320-C8 Low Current Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C6 Low Current Power Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C13 Power Outlet Connector
IEC 320-C13 Snap-In Power Outlet Connector
IEC 320-C14 Snap-In Inlet Connector w/ Fuseholder
IEC 320-C13 Duplex Power Outlet Connector
AC Convenience Outlet
North American Receptacle Outlet--V Slotted Terminals
North American Receptacle Outlet--QD Tabs or Solid Wire
North American Receptacle Outlet
Duplex Outlet-Back Push In
Duplex Outlet-Side Wiring
AC Power Plug Assembly
AC IEC Power Plug Assembly
Safety Retainer Clip
IEC Connector Data
IEC 320 Pre-assembled Cordset Components
Tri-Tap Premold
NEMA 5-15P Pre-assembled Cordset Components
NEMA 5-15R Pre-assembled Cordset Components
Female Twist Lock Premold
Male Twist Lock Premold
IEC Connector Labkit #6
Strain Reliefs    ^top
Strain Reliefs – ALL
Lockit Strain Relief Bushings For Flat Connectors
Lockit Strain Relief Bushings
Lockit Multi Strain Relief Bushings
Lockit Strain Relief Pre-Assembly Equipment
Straight-Thru Strain Reliefs for Flat Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Relief Bushings for Flat Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Reliefs for Round Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Relief Bushings for Round Cables
Right Angle Strain Reliefs
Right Angle Strain Relief Bushings
Pigtail Strain Reliefs
Pigtail Strain Relief Bushing
Bell-Mouth Strain Relief Bushing
Knock-out Adapters for Strain Relief Bushings
Metal Strain Relief Bushings
Strain Relief Mounting Hole Punches/Plugs
Strain Relief Assembly Tools
Strain Relief Bushing Assembly Tools
European Strain Reliefs
European Strain Relief Bushings
Metal Cord Grip Fittings-Steel
Metal Cord Grip Fittings-Zinc Die Cast
Labkit #1 Part 1999 / Labkit#4 Part 2998
Bushings and Plugs    ^top
Snub/Open/Closed Bushings
Shorty Bushings
Heyco Snap Bushings
Snap Bushings
Universal/Armor Bushings
Threaded Insulating Bushings
Flexible Grommetting
Metric Dome Plugs/Snap Bushings
Dome Plugs
Halogen-Free Hole Plugs
Shorty/Double "D" Plugs
Window Plugs
Pry Out Plugs
Vent Plugs
Liquid Tight Knock-Out Seals
Glossy Plugs
Feets of Strength
Adhesive Backed Bumpers

Wire Termination    ^top
Quick Connects--Insulation Support Terminals
Quick Connects--Flag Insulation Support Terminals
Ring and Spade Terminals
Standard Appliance Terminal Blocks
Wire Protector Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
Screw to 3-Tab Terminal Blocks
Screw to 2-Tab Terminal Blocks
OEM All-Plastic Wire Connectors
OEM High Temp Wire Connectors
Crimp-On Wire Connectors
Screwless Junction Box Connectors
Color Coded Wire Connectors
Wire Connector Accessories
Aluminum Solderless Connectors
Copper Lug Connectors
Wire Connector Labkit & Empty Labkit Boxes
Wire Positioning    ^top
Cable Clamps
Lockit Loops
Adhesive Backed Extruded Wire Clips
Push Mount Wire Clips
Wire Clips "J" and "C" Style
Wire Clips "U" Style
Vinyl Wire Clips
Non-Locking Adhesive-Backed Clips/Flat Wire Clips
Wire & Cable Holders
Adhesive Backed Holders
Strap Mates
Value-Line Cable Ties
Nytyes Cable Ties
Beaded Ties
Nytye Mounting Platforms
Braided Sleeving
Cable Wrap
Cordset Components / Precision Metal Stampings    ^top
Pre-Assembled Cordset Components
Pre-Assembled Cordset Components Applicator Equipment
Strain Relief Bushings
Strain Relief Pre-Assembly Equipment
Male Blades
Cordset Male Blades
Blade Ground Blade
International Blades
PC Board Blades
Male/Female Combination Terminals
Heavy Duty Terminals
Twist Lock Cordset Components
Ground Pins
Male Pins/Specialty Pins/Grade Terminals
Female Cord Connectors
Cordset Female Cord Connectors
Heater Plug Connectors/Ring/Spade Terminals
Quick-Connect Terminals
Application Equipment


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